Sometimes opportunities come in numbers, as was the case when Forsyth Medical Center opened a major building expansion – the nine-story North Tower – at the same time it celebrated its 120th birthday.  The first decision made was to schedule a gala celebration in the two-three day gap between receiving the North Tower occupancy permit and admission of the first cardiac patient.  The second was to retain Weston and Associates to do the event.  Weston was an exceptional partner, as we donned hard hats to survey the space, plot out dining arrangements in a central corridor, tour routes through the still being finished patient floors as well as an elegant décor.  It was the first – and hopefully last – time I ever brushed construction dust off a newly laid terrazzo floor to match linens and invitation stock.  But it wasn’t surprising that Weston leaves no detail unturned in creating events that not only exude quality, but also an atmosphere that engages guests for an experience they won’t forget.

Peggy Carter
Vice President
Forsyth Medical Center Foundation
Winston-Salem, NC

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